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Andrea Galassi

Post Doc Research Fellow

DISI, Università di Bologna
Viale del Risorgimento 2, 40136 - Bologna (IT)

email: a<dot>galassi<at>unibo<dot>it



Research fellow and Ajdunct Professor at the Computer Science and Engineering Department (DISI) of the University of Bologna.

I've recently defended my PhD thesis, which is focused on the use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques, especially neural-symbolic techniques, on the topic of Argumentation Mining. Neural-symbolic techniques mix traditional symbolic approaches with neural ones with the purpose to obtain models that are performative but are also reliable and explainable.
Argumentation Mining is a branch of Natural Language Processing that concerns the automatic extraction of arguments from unstructured texts.


My research interests involve also the investigation of what Deep Networks can achieve by themselves and possible ways to combine symbolic and sub-symbolic techniques. So far, we have conducted our investigation on board games and Constraint Satisfaction Problems.

I have covered the role of adjunct professor and teaching assistant in several university courses, for a total amount of more than 200 hours. My experience ranges from introductory courses of the bachelor degree, such as Foundations of Computer Science, to advanced courses of the master degree, such as Natural Language Processing.

Recent works and news:


Projects in which I am or I've been involved:

  • Humane AI: European Network of Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence
  • Claudette: Machine Learning Powered Analysis of Consumer Contracts and Privacy Policies
  • Argumentation Mining: extraction of arguments from unstructured textual documents
  • Games and AI: application of Artificial Intelligence techniques in the context of games
  • Habitat: Home Assistance Based on the Internet of Things for the AuTonomy
  • DeepOpt