2021/22 AI Challenge Results


The format of the competition held in the second semester of 2021 was 2 parallel rounds and a final round for the 3 best teams from each previous round.


The winners of the 2021/22 AI competition are Becchi and Piedino, who have obtained a tie.


Teams and repositories

Walkover : https://github.com/DiegoBiagini/WalkoverTablut
TabulaRasa : https://github.com/ingegneria-informatica/TabulaRasa
DualCore : https://github.com/RiccardoSpolaor/tablut_challenge_2021-2022
Koukolon : https://github.com/flaviopinzarrone/koukolon
Tabot : https://github.com/PythonUser-ux/Tabot
DPGR : https://github.com/DomMcOyle/Yugi
Piedino : https://github.com/Curtaz/TablutPiedi
Taboletta : https://github.com/Simone999/AshtonTablutAgent
Becchi : https://github.com/michele98/TablutChallenge2021
Einars : https://github.com/Noce99/Tablut.git
Iniegghie : https://github.com/DanieleBaiocco/TablutChallenge
LastMinute : https://github.com/fede977/tablut
The clairvoyants of the North : https://github.com/FaediMichele/unibo-ai-tablutchallenge-mf