2019/20 INF Challenge Results


The format of the competition held in the first semester of 2020 was 2 parallel rounds and a final round for the 3 best teams from each previous round.


The winner of the 2019/20 INF competition is the FrittoMisto team.


Teams and repositories

I bimbi di Giuseppe Conte : https://github.com/alebov/IbimbidiGiuseppeConte


UniWars l'ascesa di Chesani : https://github.com/fanto88/tablutIA

The Quaranteam : https://github.com/dropino/QuaranteamTablut

B2P : https://github.com/AlessandroPomponio/B2P-Penicilin-Tablut-AI

Team Pedro

Yin IAng Warriors : https://github.com/imRaazy/YinIAngWarriorsTablut

Noi Restiamo a Chesa(ni) : https://github.com/bolopenguin/Progetto_IA.git


Java Bene Così : https://github.com/LorenzoTullini/Tablut

Fritto Misto : https://github.com/virtualms/Tablut2020_FrittoMisto https://github.com/EugeCe/GeneticAlgorithm_FrittoMisto