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Hybrid Optimization

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The e-Policy project started!!!

The e-Policy project started, official the 1st of October, 2011.

You can find information, officail project slides, and much more on the e-Policy web site:

e-POLICY Project

The web page of the e-POLICY project will be available soon at

Here are some preliminary info


e-POLICY: Engineering the POlicy making LIfe CYcle 

Project start date: October 2011

Neuron Constraints to Model Complex Real World Problems

Bartolini, A., M. Lombardi, M. Milano, and L. Benini, "Neuron Constraints to Model Complex Real World Problems", Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming, Perugia, Springer, 2011.
Publicly Accessible Resources: 

PhD Thesis

 I defended my PhD thesis in April 2010; the title was "Hybrid Methods for Resource Allocation and Scheduling Problems in Deterministic and Stochastic Environments" and the full text is available for download.

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