Lectures, Lab & Seminars


Lecure slides will be updated as the course progresses:

Lab sessions

Slides and data files will be published as the course progresses 

  • Automated planning
    • Slides [pdf]
    • Cart example (graphplan) [zip]
    • Cart example (PDDL) [zip]
    • An intrdoduction to PDDL [pdf]
    • Quick PDDL reference guide [html]
    • Planner executables (for linux, oldish compiler...) [zip]
      • Install gcc-multilib and g++-multilib in Ubuntu (or similar distribution) to make them work
  • Multi-agent Simulation with NetLogo
    • Slides and file [zip]
  • Decision Trees
    • Slides [pdf]
    • J4.8 on Weka (Test) [zip]
    • Language recognition problem [zip]
    • Shape recognition problem [zip]
    • Python cheat-sheet (basic concepts) [pdf]
    • Python cheat-sheet (methods and functions) [pdf]
  • Neural Netwoks (supervised)
    • Jupyter notebooks [zip] (now includes the autoencoder code!)


Slides will be published as the course progresses

On the integration of AI and Robotics (Alessandro Saffiotti)

  •  Seminar slides [pdf]


Predictive and Prescriptive analytics: an industrial perspective (Alession Bonfietti, MindIT).

Room 4.1 - Tuesday June 12 - 10,30

Talk of artificial intelligence is everywhere. This workshop is designed to help technologists, scholars, and students understand how state-of-the-art AI technologies can be applied with success to real world problems. Ranging from Predictive Maintenance where, nowadays, a solution able to predict  when maintenance should be performed helps to reduce maintenance costs and time, to Retail Promo Optimization where useful advices can be provided to retailers to improve their promotion effectiveness, the talk will present both the point of view of the scientist and the user.

The MindIT team is composed by mathematicians and computer engineers with an extensive experience in machine learning and optimization techniques and algorithms. The team has been created at the University of Bologna in 2008. Members of the team have won four national and international (from Google) awards for "research in AI”.