A Task Graph generator

This is the generator used to build instances for works on uncertain durations and those making use of Logic based Benders' Decomposition (i.e. Conditional Task Grapha and multi-stage LBBD). A paper describing some of the features of a flexible graph generator was presented at the ICAPS07 workshop "Scheduling a scheduling competition".

The generator is designed to produce Task Graph representing "realistic applications"; options are customized via a configuration file, passed to the software as a command line argument. The generator can label arcs and nodes in the graph wit a user-defined set of attributes; attribute values are obtained by combining randomly generated numbers and other attributes values; this allows to state (e.g.) that a task maximum duration is always larger than the minimum duration.

The code for the generator is available for download. Be careful, however: it is not well polished and there is no documentation at the moment.

UPDATE: there's guy at our lab working on a brand new graph generator; I'll let you know when it is available.